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Thread: How to know if there are Hidden cameras, or recorders!

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    How to know if there are Hidden cameras, or recorders!

    Okay, so i got this Via E.mail, thought of sharing it...

    There are a lot of hotels, that have either hidden camera, or voice recorder in their rooms. For the sake of spying on people. However, in reality these are used for some suspected people from the Police, so they can find out if there is a crime, or something like that.

    A person should be careful, and know how to find out if s\he is being watched\heard or not

    First : Finding out if there is any voice recorder.

    1- get a small radio with you to the room
    2- switch on the 'FM'
    3- put it on 19.21, because this channel can figure out if there is any voice recorder
    4- keep the small radio in your hand and take a round around the room
    5- If there was a voice recorder in the room, you'll hear [tashweesh] with clearance in the voice, if there was no recorder, the voice stays the same.
    6- If you found out that there is a voice recorder, switch on 'MW' n put it on 88.87. Because it's the opposite of 19.21 FM n it cuts the recording.
    7- keep the radio on, but lower the volume so the voice doesn't annoy you [tashweeesh] n u can feel safe, no one is listenin to you!

    2nd : finding out if there is any camera.
    1- again you're gona have to use the small radio.
    2- Switch it on, put it on channel 19.33 FM
    3- take a round, around the room
    4- if there was a loud noise [tashweesh again] then there is a camera hidden
    5- get a little light, or laser or anything that's similar, like the toys kids use, in key chains.
    6- Switch off the lights of the room, use the little light or the laser and keep on pointing with it everywhere in the room until u find a place, where the light is more, when u put the laser\little light on it.
    7- fight with the hotel manager

    stay safe..

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    I wonder if this will actually work lol. sounds a bit silly but ... kinda makes sense in some other ways.

    I sure will try this when i visit any other cheap hotel -.-
    thanks for the heads-up fillian.

    Thanks Yuffie

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    Hmmmmm.. hope it works.. will try it out!
    Thanks for sharing

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    Cool info...will try this out....

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    Sounds like channels marketing to me.
    Do we even have a channel on 19.21 and the other frequencies?

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    I wanted to ask the same thing. Is it 19 or 91?!

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    ^looks like 91.

    Normally with electronic surveillance if one is using a radio or walky-talkies in a room one can hear the scratchy tune thus signifying there are bugs in the room.
    Security cameras have been known to be wiped out by burst of Infrared lights.

    But then again only a low cheap motel or hotel would resort to putting bugs in your room else you some bigshot.

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